'You Two are simply amazing! I don't know howyou do it!!
Thanks no way near covers how much we appreciate all you do for us'
 David & Nicki

'idodance has given us a passion for dance which has almost taken over our lives'
Tim & Mary 

'Great company, laughter, glamour, inspirational teaching
Howard & Hilke 

'idodance has added a whole new dimension to our lives.
After a hard day's work it's always tempting to stay home and collapse on the sofa,
but when we get to the class we soon forget about our troubles and stresses.
We really enjoy the company and have made new friends.
We especially look forward to the social events where we can put into practice all that we've been taught'
Mark & Tricia 

'You are both the most inclusive people I have come across.
You deliver the courses with professionalism and most importantly, humour'
Jan & Les 


'You Two are simply amazing! I don't know howyou do it!! 
Thanks no way near covers how much we appreciate all you do for us'
David & Nicki 

'Thank you for your superb teaching. We both really enjoy the lessons and socials
and all the other students are so friendly, we have great fun.
Thank you again'
Syd & Linda


'We have always appreciated your unending patience in teaching us!
You're both fantastic teachers'
Dan & Shar

'Your teaching has been really clear and easy to understand, thank you'
Jan Ball

'Bea & Lee teach us something new every week and show us how to incorporate each figure
into the ones we already know. Their lessons are fun and informative and their teaching method clear and concise.
We feel confident when we're dancing in public and always look forward to their lessons'
Linda and Michael


'idodance events just get better and better!
Really good fun - thank you both so much'
 William & Louise

'Just to say thank you for a lovely evening last night and all the hard work and effort you clearly put in.
A fantastic atmosphere and effects. We had a lovely time and Thank you so much'
Terry & Belinda

'Thank you both for a great time as always we have had so much fun since we joined
up for dancing with idodance.
 Thanks for another great night' 
Sharon and Nigel

'Your Special Events are always brilliantly done and executed.
In our 5 years with you, we've never seen you repeat a theme,
you're always original! We don't know how you do it!'
Geoff & Helene


'It's fun and increasingly complex as the dance sequences become more impressive.
Hard to keep up but such a thrill when I do.
The idodance team make the learning experience fun, that is why I keep coming back'
Phil Sissons

'Meeting Lee and Bea indicates the beginning of the journey through our very happy marriage!
Teaching us our very special 'first' dance that we still remember and hope to be able to do when we are old and grey. 
You're not just idodance, you're our friends'
Karrie & Rob


'We can't tell you how much we enjoyed our Private Lesson, you both work so hard and explain steps so well'
Yvonne Parkin


Thank you so much for the Dance Weekend Break in Torquay.
Nigel and I had a wonderful time dancing, as well as getting to
know so many others in the dance school'
Nigel & Katharine


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please drop us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.